Jonathan Phair

What happens when you combine mindfulness, a yoga practice, and sustainable web development?

What do I do?

Yoga and Meditation Instructor

My partner and I have been teaching yoga for over a decade. You can usually find me all over the City of Toronto leading classes. If not, I'm probably leading a yoga retreat somewhere a little tough to get to (but worth it).

Full Stack Web Developer

After dabbling in Web Design and Development for years, I recently completed a Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp with Lighthouse Labs! I'm currently working as a Freelancer, helping people with their own dreams!


What started as a hobby turned into a full time gig when my partner and I became influencers in the wellness space. We've been creating content for our accounts and for our friends since 2014. Have an idea? Need help making it come to life? Get in touch!

Sometimes I'm on my computer, and sometimes I'm on my yoga mat. The best days? When I do both.

What I'm working on

I believe we're never done learning. So if I'm not building a new app using a new API I just heard of, then I'm probably watching a TED Talk on how sustainable tech is going to save us all. Head to my Github to see what I'm working on currently. Sometimes I'm off working on projects elsewhere, so ask me what else I'm doing!

Why do I stand out?

I'm not a recent grad. I have life experience. When you work on a project with me, I bring all the different roles I've held to the table.


PLUS I'm happiest when helping someone create something they love!


What do people say about me?

"Jonathan has been someone I can rely on when my life is out of balance. His ability to create calm in the midst of chaos keeps me coming back!" — S.

"Simple project. Not so simple for me to make decisions! Grateful for the direction and the ideas." — C.

"I'm used to being constantly upsold. He actually convinced me to do less because that's what made sense for my business." — N.